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Existing Equipment & Furniture

Reupholstery Services

Physicians and healthcare facilities may not be in need of new or used equipment or furniture but rather just reupholstery of existing equipment or furniture. With our material library J&J Medical Specialties offers physicians and healthcare facilities vinyl options that will match the existing material or new materials they may consider. Our library, full of vinyl, fabric, and leather materials, is also available for waiting room furniture. Equipment and furniture can be picked up and delivered. Loaner equipment and furniture are available depending upon availability, quantity, and style.

New Equipment & Furniture


Manufacturing methods at J&J Seat Cover allow us to cut new wood components for certain manufacturer’s tables. Our CNC capabilites allow us to accurately replicate table styles. This is more beneficial for facilities and physicians who cannot afford interruptions to patient schedules. New components are then foamed, upholstered, and delivered with little to no patient schedule interruptions per customer selection of material. If new wood components are not within budget and you cannot be without rooms, in-house upholstery services are available.

What gets Reupholstered

  • Dental Chairs, Exam Chairs, Exam Tables (Opthamology, Podiatry, Gynecology, Pediatric, Primary Care Physicians)
  • Sleeper Beds
  • Waiting Room Furniture
  • Patient Recliners
  • Physical Therapy Tables and Mats
  • Dental and Medical Assistant and Operator Stools